Food Service

At our Cambridge facility which includes a fully equipped commercial kitchen, our cooks are able to produce a range of value added lines highlighting the depth and interest of our product range.

We take advantage of the fact that our boning room has a constant supply of chicken frames, beef marrow bones and veal shins enabling us to make great stocks and sauces. Long slow simmering with the addition of fresh root vegetables makes for an ideal base to create your favourite soup or sauce. These stocks are available in  a 500 ml. retail vacuum pack or a 2 lt. frozen pail for Food Service. sausage filling

Our pan and oven ready lines include lamb, veal, chicken, pork and beef, and we also offer to our Food Service customers the opportunity to have us make products to your particular specifications. Why not take advantage of the gains in efficiency and consistency this could mean to you. We also cater to special allergy requirements such as gluten free, low fat or salt.We also offer a contract sausage making service, tailor made to your requirements and of course curing and smoking expertise to create that special seasonal change to your menu.