About Wursthaus

Wursthaus is a totally Tasmanian Company manufacturing and distributing a vast range of high quality meat products.  We are preferred wholesale suppliers to many of Tasmania's finest restaurants, hotels, caterers and delicatessens and also have franchised retail outlets called Wursthaus Kitchen in two great Tasmanian locations,  the heart of Hobart's Salamanca district and in the north, Launceston's Quadrant Mall, the must see food lover's destination in the centre of town.  Wursthaus products can be found in all Tasmanian regional areas contact us for your nearest stockist.

Mission Statement

  • To consistently manufacture and sell products to the highest standard without compromising the flavour, authenticity or the safety of the product.
  • To provide a high level of expertise and service to our customers.


Wursthaus literally meaning "house of sausage" was established in 1985 in a tiny traditional butchery in the inner Hobart suburb of Lenah Valley with the aim of making quality German style sausage and smoked meats. Hand made products that were fresh, true to type and uncompromising in their quality were churned out fresh on a daily basis. Fresh Bratwurst, sausages of the world, kransky's, kasslers and salamis adorned the cabinets and hung around the walls, the air was filled with the aroma of freshly baked pastrami or some hot Vienna sausages leaving the smokehouse.

Wursthaus was the first butchery in Tasmania to open their doors seven days a week with the partners declaring that "not having fresh sausages and meats available on a weekend afternoon was like having pubs closing time at 3.00pm". Saturday and Sunday soon became the two busiest days of the week and the atmosphere and shopping experience was vibrant, entertaining and memorable. Unsuspecting first time customers walking into the the little shop, taking one look at the display and saying WOW!

As the business and product range grew, the opening of a second retail outlet became inevitable. And in 1992 the obvious choice was the bustling and colorful tourism destination at Salamanca, in Hobart's historic wharf area with its beautiful sandstone warehouses, restaurants and back alleys full of shops selling interesting arts and crafts and the huge outdoor market every Saturday

The new store "Wursthaus Kitchen" was unique to Hobart from the fact that it employed Chef's and Butchers working together. This was a very creative period in the history of Wursthaus and was definitive in regards to much of our product range today.

Wursthaus kitchen stocked all the meats, small goods and charcuterie items found at Lenah Valley but also offered a huge range of cheeses, breads, anti pasto, pastas, rices, ready cooked and oven/pan ready dishes and all the very best ingredients to make a complete meal.

To top it off Wursthaus Kitchen was also the very first food shop in Tasmania to have a license to sell Tasmanian Wine. The Kitchen also runs monthly cooking classes, food and wine tastings daily and provides a full catering service from the smallest picnic or meeting to weddings and social events.

While all this was going on, there was a growing demand for Wursthaus products in other areas of the state and the business was quickly developing a reputation from chefs and fine food store operators as a company that was willing to work with it's customers to find that special product or to develop that particular recipe to suit their own needs.

With all this growth taking place in a sleepy residential street, the year 2000 saw us move the manufacturing and wholesaling section Wursthaus wholesale to our modern factory at Cambridge. The new factory included a full boning room, ample refrigeration and even a small factory outlet shop to service the local clientele.

With this space we were then able to offer a larger product range for our food service customers and our own stores. From this facility we not only manufacture but also distribute some of Australia's leading meat,Game and poultry brands that compliment our range beautifully.

"Wursthaus on Oliver's" in Launceston recently re named Wursthaus Kitchen, the largest city in the state's north, was the next retail franchise store to come on board in 2002.

Located in a heritage listed Butcher shop (Hence the name Oliver's) right in the middle of the CBD, the store offers the complete range of Wursthaus products, cheese, wine, deli items and a café where customers can relax with a coffee and snack whilst planning a menu, discussing their options for catering or just relaxing with friends.  

As they say the rest is history!

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